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Helium Gas Hire

We are one of the most competitive sources of helium gas for balloons hire in the North of England. Allow us to hire to you cylinders of gas, nozzles, valves and gauges, on either a short or long term basis.

Whether you have 50 or 50,000 balloons to inflate, we can supply you with the appropriate amount of gas, and balloons.

Our most successful gas hire package is the DIY kit: This is a combination of balloon gas, balloons and pre-measured, cut ribbons. All you have to do is pick up the pack, and decorate your own party or event in whichever way you want. We even offer hassle free no-tie valves which makes balloon blowing even easier.

From garden parties to balloon releases, small celebrations to huge banquets, Floaties can help make your occasion more special.

Please contact us for a professional and friendly consultation.

Party Perfect

Inflate & Celebrate - Perfect for any party Balloon Helium to Take Away.

Having a party? Make it the ultimate occasion with the colourful and exciting helium balloons.

Whether it's a childrens birthday party, a wedding anniversary or simply a family celebration, balloons have become the must-have party decoration.

The Party Perfect barrel makes decorating with helium balloons accessible, affordable and fun! The barrel is small and portable with easy grip handles. It's simple and safe to use at home. It allows you to create stunning balloon decorations.

The Party Pertect Barrel contains enough gas to fill:

30 x 12" or 40 x 11" or 50 x 10" latex
or 34 x 18" foil balloons.

The Fun & Easy Choice

The The Party Perfect barrel couldn't be easier to use...

Simply slip the balloon neck over the nozzle, hold securely and push the button to fill. The harder you press, the quicker the balloon is inflated.

To inflate foil balloons, use the hose attached.

...and it's kind to the environment When your Party Perfect barrel is empty, simply return , were you deposit will be refunded. No need to worry about disposal or recycling.

Tricks & Tips

Make sure that your latex balloons ar "helium quality".

Have weights and ribbon ready when inflating balloons.

Inflate balloons at least 1 hour prior to the start of the party in case of bursting (helium expands in a warm room.)

Average float times: approx 8 hours for latex and 7 days for foill balloons.

Fill latex balloons to round shape as illustrated - overfilling produces misshapen balloons and wastes helium.

Curl ribbons by stretching along the blade of a pair of scissors between your thumb and forefinger.

Be Inspired

Need some decorative ideas?

Add confetti or glitter into a balloon then inflate as normal for a special effect.

Mix balloons with flowers for a stunning table decoration and anchor with attractive novelty weights.

Use a limited scheme of two or three colours, or themed range of co-ordinating balloons, for a sophisticated look.

Use printable balloons to get across your special message in style!